Finding and deleting duplicate images

Content analysis:

As with video or audio files, Duplicate Media Finder analyses the content of image files. Our software can identify similar photos among several formats (psd, bmp, gif, jpeg, jfif, jpeg 2000, png, heic(1), ico, tga, pcx, pbm, sgi, tiff), as well as main RAW files (2). (3).

Duplicate images

DMF can therefore find pictures that are visually very close (retouched, resized...) without being identical.

It is also possible to adjust the level of differences you accept between two photos. DMF will then identify more or less duplicates.

Decision support:

Once the duplicates have been identified, it is often difficult to choose which photo to keep and which to delete. Duplicate Media Finder solves this with different tools to help you make your choice.

For example, you can automatically select duplicates to delete according to certain criteria, such as image quality or resolution, file size or date…

DMF can use and display the information contained in the files (EXIF, ID3, ...).
DMF can use and display the information contained in the files (EXIF, ID3, ...).

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Similarities detected by DMF.
Photo normale
Normal photos
Photo étirée
Stretched photos
Autre résolution
Different resolutions
Autre colorimétrie
Different colors
Photo bruitée
Noisy photos
Sujet bougé
Subject moved
Symétrie horizontale
Horizontal symmetry
Symétrie verticale
Vertical symmetry
Photo négative
Negative photos
(1) Heic from Windows 7/8/10/11 + CopyTrans HEIC.
(2) RAW from Windows 7 + Microsoft Camera Codec Pack. Windows 8 + last updates. Windows 10/11 + Microsoft store Raw Image Extension (Optional).
(3) Test your files with the DEMO version to verify that they are supported by DMF.