Searching for and deleting duplicate audio files

Content analysis:

Just like for image or video files Duplicate Media Finder analysis the content of audio files. It can identify similar music among several formats (mp3, ogg, oga, ac3, wma, flac, m4a(aac & alac), ape, mpc, opus, wv, mp2, wav, amr) (1).

Audio wave

DMF can find songs that are very similar (e.g. different sound levels,...) without being identical.

It is also possible to adjust the level of differences you accept between two soundtracks. DMF will then identify more or less duplicates.

Decision support:

Once the duplicates have been identified, it is often very difficult to choose which music and which to delete. Duplicate Media Finder solves this with different tools to help you make your choice.

For example, you can automatically select duplicates to delete according to certain criteria, such as sound quality or sampling rate, but also file size or date…

DMF can use and display the information contained in the files (EXIF, ID3, ...).
DMF can use and display the information contained in the files (EXIF, ID3, ...).


Unlike other software that uses metadata to identify audio duplicates, DMF analyzes the audio stream. This method is much more reliable. It avoids the detection of false positives and makes it possible to identify many more duplicates.

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(1) Test your files with the DEMO version (32 or 64 bits) to verify that they are supported by DMF.