Frequent Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

► What is the difference between the evaluation and the complete version?
Both versions are identical, except for a few visualization functions that are not available in the evaluation version.
► Can I activate the evaluation version?
No, the evaluation version is only for testing DMF functions. You need to activate the complete version of DMF which is fully functional.
► Where can I download the complete version?
It can only be downloaded from our site (Buy and Download), and nowhere else.
► Do I need to uninstall the evaluation version before installing the complete version of DMF?
No, it's not necessary. The two versions can operate together.
► Do I need to uninstall the old version of DMF before installing the new version?
No, It's not necessary. Installing the new version (evaluation or complete) automatically replaces the old version.
► How can I activate the complete version of DMF that I've just installed?
Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email with all the necessary instructions. It will contain a link to download DMF, and an activation code.
In the application interface, select the "Activation and About" tab, and follow the instructions.
► What are the criteria for downloading updates?
  • If your last DMF purchase is less than one year old, you can download the latest version free.
  • If you bought DMF more than a year ago, you can still obtain the updates for a special price.
Note: to receive updates, you need to use the same email address as for your previous purchases.
Downloads are available in the Buy and Download page.
► I have bought the complete version of DMF, but I have lost or not received the activation code by email. What should I do?
Use the contact form to notify us. After verification, we will send a new activation code to the email address used for the purchase.
► I am having problems installing DMF. After its installation, DMF doesn't start correctly. What should I do?
Update your anti-virus and firewall and start your computer again
If the problem persists during installation, deactivate your anti-virus and/or firewall during the installation. Duplicate Media Finder is guaranteed to be free of viruses, adware, spyware or all other harmful software.
► I have had problems with DMF, how can I receive help?
The purchase of DMF gives you access to our support. Please go to the Contact to send us a description of your problem.
► Is it possible to transfer my license to another computer?
Yes. The only issue is that you have to wait for 7 days before carrying out the computer transfer.
So, you can continue to use DMF even if you change computers (computer failure, …). (DMF Version 3.004 minimum).

Procedure to transfer your license DMF to a new PC:
  • 1) Deactivate the license on the old PC ("Activation and About" tab, "!!! Desactivate DMF !!!" button
  • 2) Install DMF on the new PC and activate the license