Deleting duplicates has never been so simple!

Duplicate Media Finder™ locates and deletes your identical files and similar media.


Duplicate Media Finder™ (DMF) is a user-friendly application that allows you to automatically find all the duplicates on your computer, USB disks, network/NAS, smartphones/tablets, or iCloud. The search is carried out in the folders you select, and DMF does the rest.

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New version 2018 : More efficient, faster. New features.

Duplicate Media Finder is packed with advanced functions that make life simple.


Delete your duplicates

DMF can find and delete any identical files in your computer, external disks or smartphones (Android®, iPhone®, ...).


Clean your media library

DMF can find your similar photos, music or movies in different formats and resolutions, etc.

Recover Storage Space

Free up space on your hard drive

By deleting redundant files, you will free up space on your hard drives or iCloud (OneDrive, DropBox, Google® Drive).


Manage your holiday photos

Sort your holiday photos, delete the duplicates, and keep the best ones.

Easy to use

Simple to use!

All you need to do is check the folders to analyze and Duplicate Media Finder will do the rest!

Select any range of duplicates you don't want with a single click, and delete them!


Thumbnail display

To make them more visible, Duplicate Media Finder displays the file contents directly as thumbnails!(1)

Screen shot Medias

Duplicate Media Finder is the most user-friendly software on the market!

The doubles are displayed as soon as they have been identified, and their contents is directly visible as Windows® thumbnails.

Each line displayed corresponds to identical or similar files found by DMF.

As well as the file properties, DMF also displays their technical characteristics (Codec, bit rate, resolution, etc.)

You can zoom and even switch between photos to better compare them as well as identifying exactly which photos to delete.
You can also zoom out to display even more duplicates on the same page.

You can manage the level of comparison sensitivity for similar media to accept more or less differences between the duplicates.


Similar photos

Duplicate Media Finder can find your photos saved in different formats (jpeg, bmp, tiff, png, etc.), even if they have been resized, stretched, rotated, retouched, etc. See details…


Similar videos

Find your duplicate movies and videos, regardless of the format they were saved in (mkv, mp4, avi, etc.) even in different resolutions… See details…


Similar music

DMF is also able to find your music, or all other audio files present in your computer regardless of their format (mp3, wma, ac3, wav, etc.), even if they have been recorded at different sound levels… See details…


Identical files

Find all the duplicates present in your computer regardless of their type (.exe, .dll, .txt, jpeg, etc.).

You can also set characteristics and only search for duplicates that have the same name, date and extension…


DMF is a high-performance application

Duplicate Media Finder takes full advantage of new multicore processors.

You can carry out several duplicate searches at the same time and look at your previous searches at any time. See details…

DMF can effectively analyze hundreds of thousands of files. It is ideal if you have a large media library!


Save time

The duplicates are displayed as soon as they are detected. You can start to work on them without waiting for the end of the search.


Other advanced features

Duplicate Media Finder is packed with advanced functions that make life simple.

  • Automatic selection of duplicates to delete: DMF can suggest the duplicates you need to keep based on criteria you set out (size, date, quality, resolution, etc.)
  • Manual selection: DMF has all the tools necessary to help you quickly select your duplicates.
    • Quick selection: In one click, you can make sure you only have a single media file for each duplicate!
      The results are presented in a table, which allows you to select entire groups of duplicates as simply as if you were working in Excel®.
    • Unique files: With DMF, it is very simple to see if files on a disk or in a directory exist elsewhere. You can delete all the duplicates while making sure you keep the originals.
    • Visually comparing image duplicates: When you DMF display the results in a thumbnail table, it is possible to move the thumbnails to put them side by side. You can also compare them more easily and only save the photos you like!
      You can also use the zoom function and view all the image details.
    • Search for similar media: If there are identical duplicates among the similar duplicates, DMF highlight them with different colors.
      It is even possible to group each collection of identical duplicates.
  • Symbolic or hard links: You can replace each duplicate with symbolic or hard links to one of the duplicates.
  • Renaming/moving: You can carry move or rename files directly in the interface.
  • Search criteria: Add additional search criteria on file properties such as the name, extension, date or size, etc.
  • Exporting: You can export the results in csv, html and xml format.

(1) Except for Windows® XP