Deleting duplicate files has never been so simple!

Duplicate Media Finder™

finds and deletes your identical files and similar media

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Identify and delete duplicate files with Duplicate Media Finder™

Duplicate Media Finder™ (DMF) is a user-friendly application for Windows® that allows you to automatically find identical duplicate files or folders, but also similar documents (images, videos, music, …).

It can scan devices connected to your PC or network, such as disks or USB keys, smartphones (Android & iPhone) and files stored in the cloud.


DMF v11

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Delete your duplicate files

DMF can find and delete any identical duplicates (.exe, .dll, .txt, jpeg, …).


Clean your media library

DMF is the only software on the market that can really compare both your similar photos, movies or music, even recorded in different formats, or different resolutions…

Recover Storage Space

Cloud: Free up storage space

By deleting redundant files or folders, you will free up space on your hard drives, smartphones or cloud (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, MEGA, pCloud, Box, kDrive, …). See details…


Smartphones & tablets

Connect your smartphone or tablet (iPhone, Android) to your computer (1) and free up memory by deleting duplicate images, audio, video or other documents. See details…


Sort your holiday photos

Manage your holiday photos, delete the duplicates, and save the best ones.

Localisation GPS

Group your photos by events (birthdays, visits of tourist sites, etc.) thanks to the mode sorting media. See details…

Easy to use

Simple to use

All you need to do is check the folders to analyze and DMF will do the rest.

Select any range of duplicates you don't want with a single click, and delete them!

Use the automatic selection of duplicates according to their size, date, resolution, quality…

Duplicate Media Finder is the most user-friendly software on the market!

To make them more visible, Duplicate Media Finder displays the file contents directly as windows thumbnails! (1)

As well as the file properties, DMF also displays their technical characteristics (Codec, bit rate, resolution, etc.)

Screenshots Duplicate Media Finder

The duplicates are displayed as soon as they are detected. You can start to work on them without waiting for the end of the search.

You can zoom and even move pictures to better compare them as well as identifying exactly which photos to delete. (1)


Save time

The duplicates are displayed as soon as they are detected. You can start to work on them without waiting for the end of the search.

Duplicate Media Finder can effectively analyze hundreds of thousands of files. It is ideal if you have a large media library!

You can carry out several duplicate searches at the same time and look at your previous searches at any time.


Speed up your computer

Deleting duplicate files speeds up document searches.

Duplicate Media Finder is the ideal companion to support computer cleaning software. It will detect similar duplicates and remove more duplicates than any other software program.


Connect all your devices

DMF also allows you to search for and delete duplicates on the different devices connected to your computer.


All you have to do is install DMF on your PC. It will then be able to analyze:

  • your external disks or USB keys
  • your computers or NAS connected to your network
  • your smartphones or tablets…
  • files in the cloud (OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, MEGA, pCloud, Box, kDrive …)
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Why choose Duplicate Media Finder?

  • DMF is the most user-friendly software on the market. It is intended for individuals as well as for professionals. Its refined interface allows easy and fast handling while offering advanced functions.
  • DMF is by far the fastest duplicate search software. See details…
  • DMF is the only software to offer a complete all-in-one solution. In particular:
    • By being able to analyze the content of your photos (jpg, tif,...), music (mp3, wma,...) or movies (mp4, mkv,...).
    • By being able to scan the content of smartphones, tablets or other connected devices. See details…
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Other advanced features

DMF is packed with advanced functions that make life simple.

  • Automatic selection of duplicates to delete:

    DMF can suggest the duplicates you need to keep based on criteria you set out (size, date, quality, resolution, etc.)
  • Manual selection:

    DMF has all the tools necessary to help you quickly select your duplicates:
    • Quick selection:

      In one click, you can make sure you only have a single media file for each duplicate!
    • Unique files:

      With DMF, it is very simple to see if files on a disk or in a directory exist elsewhere. You can delete all the duplicates while making sure you keep the originals.
    • Visually comparing image duplicates:

      When you DMF display the results in a thumbnail table, it is possible to move the thumbnails to put them side by side. You can also compare them more easily and only save the photos you like! You can also use the zoom function and view all the image details.
    • Search for identical media:

      If there are identical duplicates among the similar duplicates, DMF highlight them with different colors.
      It is even possible to group each collection of identical duplicates.
  • Symbolic or hard links:

    You can replace each duplicate with symbolic or hard links to one of the duplicates.
  • Renaming/moving:

    You can carry move or rename files directly in the interface.
  • Single files (non-duplicate files):

    DMF can display files that do not have duplicates.
  • Search criteria:

    Add additional search criteria on file properties such as the name, extension, date or size, etc.
  • Exploitation of the results:

    To facilitate the choice of files to keep, the results can be sorted according to several criteria (size, date, format, quality, resolution, etc.)
  • Metadata:

    DMF can use and display the information contained in the files (EXIF, ID3, ...).
  • Zip files:

    DMF can find and delete duplicates in archive files (zip, 7z, tar, wim, xz).(2)
  • Exporting:

    You can export the results in csv, html, xml and json format.
  • Command line:

    Duplicate Media Finder can be executed from the command line. Tasks (deletion, export …) can be automated without manual intervention. See details…
(1) Except for Windows® XP
(2) FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, USB Mass Storage