Release Note

Release Note

v7.001 2020/07/31

  • Fix: No thumbnail for videos in rare cases
  • Fix: Dutch language update

v7.000 2020/06/17

  • New: Ability to group media files regardless of content "Sort media by criteria". It is also possible to group photos by their GPS position or time they were taken, etc
  • New: The functionality "Automatic selection of the main file" has been merged with the different sorting functionalities
  • New: DMF now manages profiles. Right click on the tab "Modes/Criteria/Filters"
  • New: The file identification window can now be paused
  • New: New shortcuts:
    • F4: Start button
    • Shift+0 -> Shift+9: Load a profile
    • Shift+D: Manage profiles
  • New: The display is much smoother
  • New: Many internal improvements
  • Fix: Selection of duplicates may not work with non-Latin characters
  • Fix: Videos not detected on iPhones & iPads
  • Fix: Clouds not detected in rare cases
  • Fix: Other fixes

v6.009 2020/04/14

  • Fix: DMF could freeze with some iPhone models

v6.008 2020/03/31

  • Fix: Bad detection of 24 and 32 bit BMP images

v6.007 2020/03/24

  • New: The analysis of JPEG images requires less memory and is 70% faster!
  • New: The analysis of BMP images requires less memory
  • New: The analysis of TIFF images has also been optimized
  • New: DMF can also find and delete duplicates in following archives:cb7, cbt, cbz, cbr(find only)
  • New: New option in the advanced parameters tab: "Prioritize the speed/accuracy ratio"
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.006 2020/03/06

  • New: DMF can find and delete duplicates in archives (Zip, 7z, tar, wim, xz). (Except for devices using Media Transfer Protocol)
  • New: DMF can find duplicates in following archives:ar, arj, gz, bz2, cab, dmg, iso, lzh, lzma, msi, rar. (Except for devices using Media Transfer Protocol like smartphones...)
  • New: In duplicate search window
    • Wildcards are now also supported for paths
    • New buttons (Next/Prev) to move through the selection
  • New: Better detection of video files (more accurate and 10% faster)
  • New: It is now possible to copy/move automatically the duplicates of each group in separate folders. Menu: Selection->Copy to->Subfolders…
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.005 2020/01/27

  • New: Shortcut Ctrl+Z copy selected paths + filenames to clipboard
  • New: Better thumbnails display
  • Fix: Move function
  • Fix: DMF could freeze in rare cases

v6.004 2020/01/14

  • Fix: DMF may freeze with some skins
  • Fix: DMF crashes when "Do not display deleted duplicates" flag was set
  • New: Internal improvements

v6.003 2020/01/07

  • New: Duplicates can be selected/removed if they have a copy in another folder (option)
  • Fix: Some wildcard characters did not work properly
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.002 2019/12/23

  • New: DMF can now analyse heic images. CopyTrans HEIC required (
  • New: The method of detecting duplicate images has been improved (for low sensibility). More duplicates/less false positives
  • New: F3 key displays single files
  • Fix: Wildcard characters with brackets did not work properly
  • Fix: DMF reistallation
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.001 2019/11/20

  • New: DMF displays more thumbnails in the results tab (zoom -2, -1 and 0).
  • Fix: 32-bit PNG duplicates were no longer detected

v6.000 2019/11/16

  • New: DMF has more than 20 new skins
  • New: DMF has a new design
    • Duplicates are displayed as tiles and no more as cells
    • The metadata are displayed in a table
    • DMF uses variable-width fonts
  • New: In similar media mode, DMF now always displays a thumbnail for videos
  • New: New zoom engine (font resize, …)
  • New: DMF is now available en Japanese
  • New: DMF has now a "Help" tab with links to tutorials
  • New: Thumbnails of duplicates moved or deleted are no longer selectable
  • New: DMF can be much faster by analysing some devices (HDD, …)
  • New: The contextual menu "Standardize the width of the cells in this column" has been replaced by CTRL + column resize
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: GPS coordinates were wrong in some cases
  • Fix: Duplicate discovery did not work for some smartphones
  • Fix: DMF could crash by analysing the network in rare cases
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v5.010 2019/10/02

  • New: Better network discovery
  • New: Hidden shares are no longer displayed
  • Fix: DMF did not start in a rare cases
  • Fix: Duplicate selection failed with folders
  • Fix: Installation issue on Windows XP

v5.008 2019/07/03

  • New: Duplicate image detection even more accurate (Optimisation step 2)
  • New: The analysis of images is 3% faster (Optimisation step 2)
  • New: Cache reading for images (With low sensibility) 75% faster!
  • New: The detection of symmetries and rotations is 15% faster
  • New: The analysis of the audio files finds more duplicates
  • New: DMF requires around 15% less memory (and even much more!)
  • New: Empty groups (after deletion) or deleted/moved duplicates can be hidden automatically
  • Fix: The display of metadata (EXIF, ID3, …) does not slow down anymore the selection of duplicates
  • Fix: The "Open Windows Explorer" command did not work in some cases
  • New: Internal improvements

v5.006 2019/05/18

  • New: Duplicate image detection more accurate (Optimisation step 1)
  • New: The analysis of JPEG images is 5% faster (Optimisation step 1)
  • New: Other fixes & improvements

v5.005 2019/03/30

  • Fix: In rare cases, DMF could crash in case of very large tif images

v5.004 2019/03/27

  • New: In case of new DMF version, there is a link to the release note
  • Fix: In rare cases, DMF could freeze (similar media only)

v5.003 2019/03/17

  • New: DMF displays now metadata (EXIF, ID3, …)
  • New: DMF is now available in Dutch

v5.001 2019/03/09

  • New: Support for main RAW files

v5.000 2019/03/06

  • New: DMF has a new duplicate search engine
  • New: DMF requires around 20% less memory
  • New: The analysis of image files is up to 40% faster
  • New: Faster cache reading (30% -> 90%!!!)
  • New: Portuguese language available
  • New: Sleep mode management
    • DMF no longer enters sleep mode when searching for duplicates
    • DMF can enter sleep mode at the end of duplicate searches
  • Fix: Memory leaks

v4.004 2018/12/27

  • New: DMF can hide the selected duplicates
  • New: Support for new audio formats: ogg, opus, wv, amr (all windows)
  • New: The old audio formats (mp2, mp3, flac, m4a, wav, wma) are now supported by all versions of windows
  • New: DMF accepts now wildcards with spaces. Pipe "|" is the new separator
  • New: DMF shows symbolic link destination
  • Fix: English language

v4.003 2018/12/08

  • New: adding NOT feature to name filtering
  • Fix: For app crash when analyzing image files (rare cases)
  • Fix: Symbolic links issue

v4.002 2018/12/02

  • New: Add filters to select files to scan
  • New: Dates can be selected with a calendar
  • New: Support for mp2 audio files (windows 8.1 and 10)
  • New: Support for new image formats: .pcx .tga .iff, .pbm .sgi & jpeg 2000
  • New: The analysis of jpg files is 30% faster
  • Fix: For app crash when analyzing video files (rare cases)
  • Fix: Symbolic links issue

v4.001 2018/10/28

  • New: Korean is now available
  • New: DMF requires less memory
  • New: DMF can also display unique files (not duplicates)
  • New: Speed optimization (image files up to 30%)
  • New: Unified duplicate search window
  • New: DMF manages the Apple cloud (iCloud)
  • Stopping the scan is faster
  • It is now possible to move in the selected duplicates
    • ctrl + N: Next duplicate
    • ctrl + P: Previous duplicate
    • ctrl + Shift + N: Next group
    • ctrl + Shift + P: Previous group
  • New: Changing shortcuts
  • Internal improvements
  • Other fixes

v4.000 2018/09/13

  • New: DMF can scan smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • New: Duplicates can be sorted in the results tab
  • New: A progress bar is displayed for long tasks
  • Fix: Bug fixed in the criteria tab
  • New: Internal improvements & optimizations
  • Fix: Other fixes

v3.004 2018/07/16

  • New: Italian version available
  • Fix: Incorrect video duration in rare cases
  • Fix: Thumbnail display issue when closing result tab
  • Fix: Activation issue on Windows XP
  • Fix: Missing polish language in x64 version

v3.003 2018/05/10

  • New: Italian version available (Beta1)
  • Fix: Minor activation issue

v3.002 2018/05/10

  • New: DMF is more secure
  • Fix: Minor fixes
  • New: Internal improvements

v3.001 13/04/2018

  • Fix: Minor fixes

v3.000 2018/04/09

  • New: DMF has a new search engine for duplicates (Up to 50% faster)
  • New: DMF has a new display engine for thumbnails
  • New: DropBox & Google Drive direct access (Libraries)
  • New: DMF gets skins
  • Fix: Spanish and German version
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Other fixes

v2.013 2018/03/16

  • New: German version available
  • New: Separator for CSV export file is now configurable

v2.012 2018/03/09

  • New: Extraction of Thumbnails is 20% faster
  • New: Spanish version (Beta2)
  • New: Display refresh function
  • Fix: Thumbnail zoom failed in rare cases

v2.011 2018/02/21

  • Fix: Duplicates in Libraries were considered as system files

v2.010 2018/02/20

  • New: The interface has been further simplified
  • Fix: English message
  • Fix: Criteria->File properties tab

v2.009 2018/02/15

  • New: Shortcut to OneDrive
  • New: New method to expand/collapse folders
  • New: The interface has been simplified
  • New: Spanish version (Beta)

v2.008 2018/02/05

  • New: Deleted files are sent to recycle bin
  • New: DMF displays license number
  • New: Internal improvements

v2.007 2018/01/26

  • New: New export formats (HTML and XML)

v2.006 2018/01/17

  • Fixed: In rare circumstances, duplicates in folders with similar names could not be detected

v2.005 2017/12/18

  • New: DMF can replace duplicates with symbolic/hard links
  • New: DMF displays an icon if duplicate is a symbolic link
  • New: DMF can select/remove duplicates in a specific directory and its subdirectories
  • New: Errors are now displayed in the task bar

v2.004 2017/12/06

  • New: New logo for Duplicate Media FInder
  • Fixed: DMF works again with Windows XP

v2.003 2017/12/04

  • New: DMF requires 10% less memory
  • New: By default hidden folders and hidden files are checked
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v2.002 2017/11/23

  • New: Files identification is faster in some special cases
  • New: Zoom control with '+' '-' and '='
  • New: Stop is faster in some special cases
  • New: Image/Video/Audio icons are coloured for a better view
  • New: Many internal improvements

v2.001 2017/10/31

  • New: English language available
  • New: Direct access to libraries in Explorer
  • Fix: Cache file refreshed when file modified

v2.000 2017/09/20 Main release

  • New: Zoom x2 available
  • New: you can select an entire column/row in one click
  • New: DMF can show identical duplicated files in similar mode
  • New: Audio bitrate is displayed
  • New: All tips can be disabled when they are displayed
  • New: New tip "Thumbnails can be moved"
  • New: Files in read only can be deleted (Option)
  • New: When referent file is deleted, DMF proposes another one
  • New: More thumbnails are displayed in identical mode (when possible)
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.008 2017/09/11

  • New: We can move cells (Drag & Drop) in the same group Ctrl+Click
  • Fix: Duplicate detection on short video is now working
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.007 2017/09/08

  • New: Look and feel
  • New: Close button is on each tab
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.006 2017/09/02

  • New: Information message when new DMF version available
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.005 2017/08/30

  • New: Icon displayed if "same extension" criteria selected
  • Fix: name and extension criteria
  • Fix: No display in 64 bit realease in rare cases

v1.004 2017/08/28

  • New: DMF requires 30% less memory
  • New: It is possible to choose different cell heights
  • New: Speed optimization
  • New: Rename file support
  • New: Referent file selection by date support
  • New: File attribute coloration
  • New: Internal improvements

v1.003 2017/08/17

  • New: Files moved in "moved" folder keep original path
  • New: DMF requires 40% less memory
  • New: Results can be sorted by file type
  • New: Additional choice in contextual menu (Selection…, delete folder, hide folders, …)
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.002 2017/07/11

  • New: Directory junctions support
  • New: Internal improvements

v1.001 2017/07/06

  • New: Roaming files identification 60% faster
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.000 2017/06/30

  • New: First release