Release Note

Release Note

v11.002 2024/06/03

  • New: It is now possible to copy/move each group of duplicates into subfolders named with the criterion(s) used for the search
  • New: New criteria for audio duplicates (year, genre, comment)
  • New: In addition to hard and symbolic links, DMF can now replace duplicates with shortcuts
  • New: The context menus of each skin are now personalized
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: The displayed resolution was wrong for some images (1008x1008)

v11.001 2024/03/21

  • New: DMF can identify similar duplicates in new formats
    • Images: .qoi .webp
    • Videos: AV1, Theora (.ogv)
    • Music: Monkey (.ape), Musepack (.mpc)
  • New: Speed optimization
    • Searching for duplicate images is 30% faster
    • Searching for duplicate videos has been improved (depending on videos)
    • Searching for duplicate is between 40% and 100% faster (depending on file formats)
  • Better detection (New search engine) of
    • similar images
    • similar videos
  • New: Highlighting subgroups in duplicate groups (Submenu Highlight Subgroups->)
    • In a same group of duplicates, it is now possible to highlight files with the same characteristics (same extension, same folder, same name, same content, etc.)
    • It is now possible to lock the selection using highlighting (Highliting Subgroups->Selection-Color X). It is equivalent to a check box
  • The manual selection of duplicates has been enhanced
    • It is now possible to select multiple sets of duplicates (Ctrl+Click Top-Left, Shift+Click Right-Bottom). Repeat for each sets of duplicates
    • Press escape to deselect the entire selection
    • A duplicate can now be deselected by clicking on it without pressing the Ctrl or Shift keys
  • New: Internal player for audio files (Right click Internal Player [P]
  • New: kDrive cloud is now available
  • New: New criteria for video and audio: Same bitrate and Same codec
  • New: Exporting results into json file format
  • New: Images extracted from the video are displayed in the video tooltip
  • New: It is now possible to zoom/scroll when the file is opened in full screen (F10)
  • New: Remaining duration (click on elapsed time)
  • New: Now any profile can become the default profile
  • New: Context menus have now icons
  • New: Many internal improvements
  • Remark: DMF v11 is no longer compatible with Windows XP and VISTA versions (DMF 10.005 is the latest version compatible with XP and VISTA)

v10.005 2023/05/25

  • Fix: The display of duplicate folders was not displaying the correct icon in a particular case

v10.004 2023/03/28

  • No need to update from DMF v10.003

v10.003 2023/03/24

  • New: DMF can find and delete duplicate folders
  • New: New criteria for videos and audio (Same duration, ...)
  • New: The criteria can now have a margin of tolerance (± x %)
  • New: The number of selected criteria and filters is indicated in the tabs
  • New: New parameters for the command line
  • New: Ctrl+E and CTRL+T shortcuts have been reversed
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Other fixes

v9.018 2023/03/23

  • Fix: Display issues when changing window scaling (other than 100%)
  • Fix: Running DMF from command line might not work
  • Fix: DMF could crash with pictures from some cameras (Eye Toy)

v9.016 2023/01/03

  • Fix: 64-bit DMF crash when scrolling the results tab
  • Fix: DropBox and Google Drive clouds were reversed
  • New: Google Drive path is now "G:"

v9.014 2022/11/21

  • New: Slight skins update
  • Fix: DMF icon was missing

v9.012 2022/11/16

  • New: New criteria "Same Period" (Criteria->Properties->Same Period). Files must have the same date+time
  • New: Video links to YouTube (Help tab) have been updated
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: DMF was no longer executable on windows XP (Regression DMF v9.010)
  • Fix: In very rare cases, some duplicate videos were not detected
  • Fix: "FPS" criteria and "Sample rate" criteria were not working correctly
  • Fix: Some criteria were not saved in profiles
  • Fix: Other fixes

v9.010 2022/10/18

  • Fix: Display issues when changing window scaling (other than 100%)
  • Fix: Filters tab display problem with some skins

v9.008 2022/09/27

  • New: pCloud is now available
  • New: Files can be blacklisted by the user (Configuration=>Expert=>Tab 1)
  • Fix: Crash (rare) when scanning some video files with different frame sizes
  • Fix: Translations have been updated

v9.004 2022/04/06

  • Fix: Crash on startup with "Explorer Fab" tool (64 bit version)
  • Fix: Crash (rare) when scanning some specific video files

v9.002 2022/03/17

  • New: New filter (by paths)
  • New: You can drag and drop shared folders from windows explorer to DMF explorer, even for servers not visible in the DMF explorer network
  • New: You can now close DMF without stopping ongoing duplicate searches
  • Fix: Sorting groups by duplicate volume and size could be incorrect in rare cases
  • Fix: The display order of groups of duplicates is now preserved
  • Fix: Drag & drop to DMF explorer

v9.001 2022/01/14

  • New: DMF manages the MEGA cloud
  • New: HTML export: Duplicates of the same group have the same background color
  • New: The phase of identifying files is 10% faster
  • New: Skins have been updated (Rollover, …)
  • New: DMF is now available in Russian
  • New: Video tutorials, tips have been updated
  • Fix: Sort groups by file size
  • Fix: Search for specific files
  • Fix: The "save the selection of folders to be scanned in profiles" functionality is now accessible in all languages

v9.000 2021/10/16

  • New: DMF accepts command line argument. Tasks (deletion, export …) can now be automated without manual intervention
  • New: When loading a profile, the folders to be analyzed (checked) can also be loaded automatically
  • New: The criterion Selection by degree of similarity has been added in the selection window
  • New: DMF can find more identical duplicates for external devices (smartphones, tablets, …)
  • New: The phase of identifying files is faster
  • New: Histograms display the distribution of files & duplicates by file type
  • New: External devices (Smartphones, tablets, …): it is now possible to scan specific subfolders
  • New: You can check folders by dragging and dropping folders from the Windows File Explorer
  • New: Now the names of the missing servers can be manually added from the DMF file explorer. (No more from expert tab)
  • New: Better display of multimedia file content (thumbnails) for "Search for identical files" mode
  • New: DMF can play a sound when a scan is complete and if the DMF window is not the active window
  • New: DMF has a new file explorer with better performance
  • New: The "Help" tab provides direct access to the online user manual
  • New: Many internal improvements
  • Fix: Some thumbnails could be missing for external device
  • Fix: The full screen context menu was not displayed in "Search for similar media" mode
  • Fix: The video codec name was not saved in "Sort media by criteria" mode

v8.001 2021/03/10

  • New: Better duplicate detection for some types of images
  • New: The analysis of videos is 10% faster
  • New: DMF can find duplicates in more types of RAW files (.arw, .nef, .cr2, .fff, .kdc, .raw, .raf, …). Download the demo version and check if your files are supported by DMF
  • New: 3 new sorting criteria have been added for videos & audio (frames per second, sampling frequency, duration)
  • New: Full screen:
    • Use F11 to switch DMF to full screen view mode
    • Use F10 to show images in full screen

v8.000 2021/01/13

  • New: DMF can find specific files based on their content (identical or similar). Entry "Search for files" in "Check the files to analyse"
  • New: DMF can now search for similar psd & jfif images
  • New: DMF displays more thumbnails for image files (psd, jpeg2000, tga, pcx, pdm, sgi)
  • New: DMF displays more thumbnails for audio files (ogg, opus)
  • New: Better metadata support for mp3 files
  • New: New look & feel
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Some folders/files were not sorted with some file systems (FAT32)

v7.004 2020/11/09

  • New: New search engine (Phase II) for duplicate videos (more accurate)
  • New: Scan can be now stopped during the pause sequence

v7.003 2020/10/23

  • New: New search engine (Phase I) for duplicate videos (20% faster and more accurate)
  • New: Internal improvements

v7.002 2020/10/06

  • Photo scan improvements (set to minimum):
    • DMF finds about 30% more duplicates
    • DMF 64 bits version is 50% faster
  • New: DMF requires around 4% less memory
  • New: DMF can now delete empty folders. Right click -> "Delete empty folders"
  • New: The new hourglass is more apparent when a task (Copy/Move/Delete, ...) is running
  • New: DMF can display the degree of similarity. Shortcut: [F2]
  • New: DMF can display additional information (tooltips) by hovering the cursor over thumbnails
  • New: the shortcut Ctrl+E ("Select all except column 1") has been replaced by Ctrl+W
  • New: New skins: Brush + new skin for DMF 7
  • New: Internal improvements

v7.001 2020/07/31

  • Fix: No thumbnail for videos in rare cases
  • Fix: Dutch language update

v7.000 2020/06/17

  • New: Ability to group media files regardless of content "Sort media by criteria". It is also possible to group photos by their GPS position or the date and time of shooting, etc.
  • New: The "Automatic selection of the main file" function has been merged with the different sorting functions
  • New: DMF now manages profiles. Right click on the tab "Modes/Criteria/Filters"
  • New: The file identification window can now be paused
  • New: New shortcuts:
    • F4: Start button
    • Shift+0 -> Shift+9: Load a profile
    • Shift+D: Manage profiles
  • New: The display is much smoother
  • New: Many internal improvements
  • Fix: Selection of duplicates may not work with non-Latin characters
  • Fix: Videos not detected on iPhones & iPads
  • Fix: Clouds not detected in rare cases
  • Fix: Other fixes

v6.009 2020/04/14

  • Fix: DMF could freeze with some iPhone models

v6.008 2020/03/31

  • Fix: Bad detection of 24 and 32 bits BMP images

v6.007 2020/03/24

  • New: The analysis of JPEG images requires less memory and is 70% faster!
  • New: The analysis of BMP images requires less memory
  • New: The analysis of TIFF images has also been optimized
  • New: DMF can also find and delete duplicates in following archives: cb7, cbt, cbz, cbr (find only)
  • New: New option in the advanced parameters tab: "Prioritize the speed/accuracy ratio"
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.006 2020/03/06

  • New: DMF can find and delete duplicates in archives (Zip, 7z, tar, wim, xz). (Except for devices using Media Transfer Protocol)
  • New: DMF can find duplicates in following archives: ar, arj, gz, bz2, cab, dmg, iso, lzh, lzma, msi, rar. (Except for devices using Media Transfer Protocol like smartphones...)
  • New: In duplicate search window
    • Wildcards are now also supported for paths
    • New buttons (Next/Previous) to move through the selection
  • New: Better duplicate detection for video files (more accurate and 10% faster)
  • New: It is now possible to copy/move automatically the duplicates of each group in separate folders. Menu: Selection->Copy to->Subfolders…
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.005 2020/01/27

  • New: Shortcut Ctrl+Z copy selected paths + filenames to clipboard
  • New: Better thumbnails display
  • Fix: Move function
  • Fix: DMF could freeze in rare cases

v6.004 2020/01/14

  • Fix: DMF may freeze with some skins
  • Fix: DMF crashes when "Do not display deleted duplicates" flag was set
  • New: Internal improvements

v6.003 2020/01/07

  • New: Duplicates can be selected/removed if they have a copy in another folder (option)
  • Fix: Some wildcard characters did not work properly
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.002 2019/12/23

  • New: DMF can now analyse heic images. CopyTrans HEIC required (
  • New: The method of detecting duplicate images has been improved (for low sensibility). More duplicates/less false positives
  • New: F3 key displays single files
  • Fix: Wildcard characters with brackets did not work properly
  • Fix: DMF reinstallation
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v6.001 2019/11/20

  • New: DMF displays more thumbnails in the results tab (zoom -2, -1 and 0).
  • Fix: 32-bit PNG duplicates were no longer detected

v6.000 2019/11/16

  • New: DMF has more than 20 new skins
  • New: DMF has a new design
    • Duplicates are displayed as tiles and no more as cells
    • The metadata are displayed in a table
    • DMF uses variable-width fonts
  • New: In similar media mode, DMF now always displays a thumbnail for videos
  • New: New zoom engine (font resize, …)
  • New: DMF is now available in Japanese
  • New: DMF has now a "Help" tab with links to tutorials
  • New: Thumbnails of duplicates moved or deleted are no longer selectable
  • New: DMF can be much faster by analyzing some devices (HDD, …)
  • New: The contextual menu "Standardize the width of the cells in this column" has been replaced by CTRL + column resize
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: GPS coordinates were wrong in some cases
  • Fix: Duplicate discovery did not work for some smartphones
  • Fix: DMF could crash by analyzing the network in rare cases
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v5.010 2019/10/02

  • New: Better network discovery
  • New: Hidden shares are no longer displayed
  • Fix: DMF did not start in a rare cases
  • Fix: Duplicate selection failed with folders
  • Fix: Installation issue on Windows XP

v5.008 2019/07/03

  • New: Duplicate image detection even more accurate (Optimization step 2)
  • New: The analysis of images is 3% faster (Optimization step 2)
  • New: Cache reading for images (With low sensibility) 75% faster!
  • New: The detection of symmetries and rotations is 15% faster
  • New: The analysis of the audio files finds more duplicates
  • New: DMF requires around 15% less memory (and even much more!)
  • New: Empty groups (after deletion) or deleted/moved duplicates can be hidden automatically
  • Fix: The display of metadata (EXIF, ID3, …) does not slow down anymore the selection of duplicates
  • Fix: The "Open Windows Explorer" command did not work in some cases
  • New: Internal improvements

v5.006 2019/05/18

  • New: Duplicate image detection more accurate (Optimization step 1)
  • New: The analysis of JPEG images is 5% faster (Optimization step 1)
  • New: Other fixes & improvements

v5.005 2019/03/30

  • Fix: In rare cases, DMF could crash in case of very large TIF images

v5.004 2019/03/27

  • New: In case of new DMF version, there is a link to the release note
  • Fix: In rare cases, DMF could freeze (similar media only)

v5.003 2019/03/17

  • New: DMF displays now metadata (EXIF, ID3, …)
  • New: DMF is now available in Dutch

v5.001 2019/03/09

  • New: Support for main RAW files

v5.000 2019/03/06

  • New: DMF has a new duplicate search engine
  • New: DMF requires around 20% less memory
  • New: The analysis of image files is up to 40% faster
  • New: Faster cache reading (30% -> 90%!!!)
  • New: Portuguese language available
  • New: Sleep mode management
    • DMF no longer enters sleep mode when searching for duplicates
    • DMF can enter sleep mode at the end of duplicate searches
  • Fix: Memory leaks

v4.004 2018/12/27

  • New: DMF can hide the selected duplicates
  • New: Support for new audio formats: ogg, opus, wv, amr (all windows)
  • New: The old audio formats (mp2, mp3, flac, m4a, wav, wma) are now supported by all versions of windows
  • New: DMF accepts now wildcards with spaces. Pipe "|" is the new separator
  • New: DMF shows symbolic link destination
  • Fix: English language

v4.003 2018/12/08

  • New: adding NOT feature to name filtering
  • Fix: For app crash when analyzing image files (rare cases)
  • Fix: Symbolic links issue

v4.002 2018/12/02

  • New: Add filters to select files to scan
  • New: Dates can be selected with a calendar
  • New: Support for mp2 audio files (windows 8.1 and 10)
  • New: Support for new image formats: pcx, tga, iff, pbm, sgi & jpeg 2000
  • New: The analysis of jpg files is 30% faster
  • Fix: For app crash when analyzing video files (rare cases)
  • Fix: Symbolic links issue

v4.001 2018/10/28

  • New: Korean is now available
  • New: DMF requires less memory
  • New: DMF can also display unique files (not duplicates)
  • New: Speed optimization (image files up to 30%)
  • New: Unified duplicate search window
  • New: DMF manages the Apple cloud (iCloud)
  • Stopping the scan is faster
  • It is now possible to move in the selected duplicates
    • ctrl + N: Next duplicate
    • ctrl + P: Previous duplicate
    • ctrl + Shift + N: Next group
    • ctrl + Shift + P: Previous group
  • New: Changing shortcuts
  • Internal improvements
  • Other fixes

v4.000 2018/09/13

  • New: DMF can scan smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • New: Duplicates can be sorted in the results tab
  • New: A progress bar is displayed for long tasks
  • Fix: Bug fixed in the criteria tab
  • New: Internal improvements & optimizations
  • Fix: Other fixes

v3.004 2018/07/16

  • New: Italian version available
  • Fix: Incorrect video duration in rare cases
  • Fix: Thumbnail display issue when closing result tab
  • Fix: Activation issue on Windows XP
  • Fix: Missing polish language in x64 version

v3.003 2018/05/10

  • New: Italian version available (Beta1)
  • Fix: Minor activation issue

v3.002 2018/05/10

  • New: DMF is more secure
  • Fix: Minor fixes
  • New: Internal improvements

v3.001 13/04/2018

  • Fix: Minor fixes

v3.000 2018/04/09

  • New: DMF has a new search engine for duplicates (Up to 50% faster)
  • New: DMF has a new display engine for thumbnails
  • New: DropBox & Google Drive direct access (Libraries)
  • New: DMF gets skins
  • Fix: Spanish and German version
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Other fixes

v2.013 2018/03/16

  • New: German version available
  • New: Separator for CSV export file is now configurable

v2.012 2018/03/09

  • New: Extraction of Thumbnails is 20% faster
  • New: Spanish version (Beta2)
  • New: Display refresh function
  • Fix: Thumbnail zoom failed in rare cases

v2.011 2018/02/21

  • Fix: Duplicates in Libraries were considered as system files

v2.010 2018/02/20

  • New: The interface has been further simplified
  • Fix: English message
  • Fix: Criteria->File properties tab

v2.009 2018/02/15

  • New: Shortcut to OneDrive
  • New: New method to expand/collapse folders
  • New: The interface has been simplified
  • New: Spanish version (Beta)

v2.008 2018/02/05

  • New: Deleted files are sent to recycle bin
  • New: DMF displays license number
  • New: Internal improvements

v2.007 2018/01/26

  • New: New export formats (HTML and XML)

v2.006 2018/01/17

  • Fixed: In rare circumstances, duplicates in folders with similar names could not be detected

v2.005 2017/12/18

  • New: DMF can replace duplicates with symbolic/hard links
  • New: DMF displays an icon if duplicate is a symbolic link
  • New: DMF can select/remove duplicates in a specific directory and its subdirectories
  • New: Errors are now displayed in the task bar

v2.004 2017/12/06

  • New: New logo for Duplicate Media Finder
  • Fixed: DMF works again with Windows XP

v2.003 2017/12/04

  • New: DMF requires 10% less memory
  • New: By default hidden folders and hidden files are checked
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v2.002 2017/11/23

  • New: Files identification is faster in some special cases
  • New: Zoom control with '+' '-' and '='
  • New: Stop is faster in some special cases
  • New: Image/Video/Audio icons are colored for a better view
  • New: Many internal improvements

v2.001 2017/10/31

  • New: English language available
  • New: Direct access to libraries in Explorer
  • Fix: Cache file refreshed when file modified

v2.000 2017/09/20 Main release

  • New: Zoom x2 available
  • New: you can select an entire column/row in one click
  • New: DMF can show identical duplicated files in similar mode
  • New: Audio bitrate is displayed
  • New: All tips can be disabled when they are displayed
  • New: New tip "Thumbnails can be moved"
  • New: Files in read only can be deleted (Option)
  • New: When referent file is deleted, DMF proposes another one
  • New: More thumbnails are displayed in identical mode (when possible)
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.008 2017/09/11

  • New: We can move cells (Drag & Drop) in the same group Ctrl+Click
  • Fix: Duplicate detection on short video is now working
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.007 2017/09/08

  • New: Look and feel
  • New: Close button is on each tab
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.006 2017/09/02

  • New: Information message when new DMF version available
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.005 2017/08/30

  • New: Icon displayed if "same extension" criteria selected
  • Fix: name and extension criteria
  • Fix: No display in 64 bits release in rare cases

v1.004 2017/08/28

  • New: DMF requires 30% less memory
  • New: It is possible to choose different cell heights
  • New: Speed optimization
  • New: Rename file support
  • New: Referent file selection by date support
  • New: File attribute coloration
  • New: Internal improvements

v1.003 2017/08/17

  • New: Files moved in "moved" folder keep original path
  • New: DMF requires 40% less memory
  • New: Results can be sorted by file type
  • New: Additional choice in contextual menu (Selection…, delete folder, hide folders, …)
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.002 2017/07/11

  • New: Directory junctions support
  • New: Internal improvements

v1.001 2017/07/06

  • New: Roaming files identification 60% faster
  • New: Internal improvements
  • Fix: Minor fixes

v1.000 2017/06/30

  • New: First release