Operating system

Duplicate Media Finder only works with Windows®, from version XP SP1, up to Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit).

It is also entirely compatible with the Windows® server from version 2003.

Android Apple

You can also connect your smartphone or tablet (Android, etc.) to your computer, and DMF can search for and delete duplicates (1).

Software DMF

Duplicate Media Finder

  • is available in 32 and 64 bit.
  • is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Corean…
  • is easy to install thanks to its unique file setup.
  • is guaranteed to be free of viruses, adware, spyware or all other harmful software.
  • doesn't contain any advertizing, and we do not touch any of the data on your computer.

DMF is safe

Duplicate Media Finder doesn't delete any files by itself. You have complete control over the files to delete.

if you try to delete a system file, it will ask you to confirm your choice.

For even more security, DMF gives you the option of moving your duplicate selection into a temporary storage file. You can delete it separately.


An extremely high-performance software!

For example, our software is capable of scanning 80,000 files from the entire hard drive system in 35 seconds (3), and finding more than 24,000 groups of identical files.

Duplicate Media Finder in 110 seconds!

When Duplicate Media Finder analyzes a file for the first time, it saves its characteristics in the memory cache. Subsequent searches for the same files are therefore incredibly fast.

DMF uses optimized algorithms to reduce the search time as much as possible.

DMF takes full advantage of new multicore processes, and can even carry out several searches at the same time.

To make it even faster, install the 64-bit version.


Search for similar media images

DMF can find similar photos in the following formats: bmp, gif, jpeg, png, ico, tiff (1). You can modify the search criteria to precisely define the duplicates you're searching for (Stretched photos, symmetrical images, etc.).

DMF can suggest files to keep based on criteria you define (quality, size, resolution, date, etc.)

Photo normale

Normal photos

Photo étirée

Stretched photos

Autre résolution

Different resolutions

Autre colorimétrie

Different colors

Photo bruitée

Noisy photos

Sujet bougé

Subject moved

Symétrie horizontale

Horizontal symmetry

Symétrie verticale

Vertical symmetry



Photo négative

Negative photos

Audio Audio wave

Search for similar audio files

DMF can find similar music in the following formats: ac3, flac, m4a(aac & alac), mp3, wav, wma (2), even if they have been recorded at different sound levels.

DMF can suggest files to keep based on criteria you define (duration, quality, size, sampling frequency, date, etc.)


Search for similar media videos

DMF can find similar videos and movies in the following formats: 3g2, 3gp, asf, asx, avi, bsf, divx, f4v, flv, m2p, m2v, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ogv, ts, vob, wmv, xvid. You can modify the search criteria to precisely define the duplicates you're searching for (stretched videos, other colorimetry, etc.).

DMF can suggest the best file to save based on criteria you define (duration, quality, resolution, date, etc.)

Vidéo normale

Normal videos

Vidéo avec bordures

Videos with borders

Autre colorimétrie

Different colors

Vidéo étirée

Stretched videos

Autre résolution

Different resolutions

Vidéo bruitée

Noisy videos

(1) Except for Windows® XP
(2) tiff from Windows® XP SP3.
(3) See the table of codec audio.
(4) Test configuration: Windows® 10 64 bits, SSD, FX-6350, 8GiO RAM.