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Duplicate Media Finder demo and complete version products are the exclusive property of KDO-RG. It is forbidden to offer the complete version of DMF for download. Only the demonstration version is authorized to be provided for download by other sites, but with no modification to the installation file (repack forbidden).

It is forbidden to divulge the activation code you receive for the license, at the risk of having updates blocked.

It is forbidden to resell the license to a third person. A license is granted to an individual user and it associated to the email address used for the license purchase.

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Duplicate Media Finder™ general refund policy:

Our software is available as ‘Try Before You Buy’. A free and unlimited demo version is available for download so you can make sure it meets your expectations. You can try out our software before buying it.

Once you have made the DMF payment and it has been credited to our account, you will receive an email with your license information and a license activation code – this will allow you to activate the software on each computer individually. When this information has been sent, we are not in a position to make any refund, especially for the cases listed below. We have this general policy, as it is technically impossible for you to copy the activated software.

The demo version allows you to test the software before buying it, and its full description is available on our website. We will not issue any refunds for the following:

  • Using the software for anything other than what it was designed for.
  • Dissatisfaction with the general usability and/or functionality of the software.
  • Inability to run the software in your computer environment.
  • Purchase of software for an unscheduled platform or operating system.